The products we use are child, pet, and environment-friendly. You'll really notice the difference that Prochem™ and WoolSafe™ products will make to your carpet. They don't just clean carpets - they care for them!
Professional carpet cleaning service tailored to your requirements!
Steam Carpet Cleaning Southampton
Carpet Cleaning
Our professional service for steam carpet cleaning a thorough inspection. The expert techniques we have acquired ensure your carpets not only dries quicker, but also leaves no dirt behind. We offer a range of cleaning methods to get the best results.
Upholstery Cleaning Southampton
Upholstery Cleaning
For upholstery in need of cleaning restoration why not take advantage of our unparalleled 8 step cleaning service. Our customers really see the difference, and leather is all skilfully cleaned by hand promoting a gentle, yet thorough clean giving fabulous results!
Rug Cleaning Southampton
Rug Cleaning
Rugs of all shapes, sizes, and origins benefit greatly from the exceptional rug cleaning service we offer. Environmentally-friendly chemicals make our process safe and sound. We clean Persian wool and silk rugs.
At Clean-my we deliver the highest standard of service that satisfies our loyal customers and amazes new clients every time. Our certified carpet cleaners, will pre-inspect all areas for cleaning, noting all your concerns and requirements, so we can deliver the best service possible to meet your expectations. 
• Deeper Clean! 
We get your carpets cleaned deep into the pile using our Hot Water Extraction method
• We offer the best method of cleaning to meet your requirements!
We can dry clean, HWE, encapsulate and bonnet buff your carpets
• Furniture Moved & Replaced!
We return your home exactly how you like it.
• Stubborn Stains Gone!
Specialists in stain and spot removal.
• Premium Carpet Cleaning
Your carpets will be left cleaner, safer and softer, than ever before.
• Drier Carpets Than Ever Before!
Your carpets can be left dry enough to walk on straight away (depending on cleaning method)
We use the most advanced cleaning chemicals from PROCHEM ensuring your carpet is not only cleaned but cared for!
Carpet cleaner Stubbington
Carpet cleaning bursledon
We use the right products most suited to your carpets including WOOLSAFE APPROVED cleaning chemicals for your woolen carpet.
Wool Carpet Cleaning
carpet cleaning warsash

Our professional Carpet Cleaning service which sets us apart from the rest!

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Our Technician will do a walk through inspection with you to identify carpet history and construction, soiling conditions and potential permanent stains.
Step 2: Pre-vacuum
Dry soil is removed by a thorough vacuuming. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process.
Step 3: Pre-spray
A preconditioning agent is applied to break down traffic area soil and other spots for a more thorough cleaning.
Step 4: Pre-Spot (if required)
Difficult spots are pre-treated with special cleaning solutions to increase the chance of removal.
Step 5: Pre-Groom
Your carpet will be pre-groomed with a carpet groomer or rotary cleaning machine (depending on soil level) to further loosen traffic area soil.
Step 6: Extract and Rinse
Once the soil has been loosened, our Twin Vac, High Powered hot water extraction cleaning process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated to prevent the carpet from being over-wet. We go round all edges with a hand tool to ensure your carpets look their best.
Step 7: Neutralizer
Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind.
Step 8: Post Spot Treatment
If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are employed.
Step 9: Post Groom
Your carpet is groomed with a professional groomer so that the pile of your carpet is standing tall when we leave. Post grooming helps the carpet pile dry faster and in the right position.
Step 10: Post Cleaning Inspection
Our technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job. If you have any questions or concerns, please let our technician know during this time. We want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied before we leave.
We also Offer Dry Cleaning!
In place of step six above. In this method, Cleaning Powder which is made up of highly absorbent micro-sponges which contain advanced cleaning agents, is sprinkled over the carpet and worked into the carpet with a brushing machine which features twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work the carpet cleaning powder deep into the pile and around every fibre. The purpose of this cleaner is to attract and absorb soil. Tested and approved by Woolsafe, your clean, finished carpet is also safe around children and pets.
Dry carpet cleaning southampton
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