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Carpet Cleaning Southampton

Clean-my Carpets and Upholstery tailor your clean to your requirements. Call us today and Richard will visit your property to discuss your cleaning requirements, this gives you the chance to ask any questions, discuss expected results and know how your soft furnishings will be cleaned.

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 We are a family runs business providing the area with a distinguished carpet and upholstery cleaning service. Richard (proprietor) previously worked with Miracle Cleaners (Coventry) whom have over 45 years experience, and is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to customer service, for this we are approved by Trading Standards , Buy With Confidence.

Some of our exceptional cleaning services in the Southampton and Portsmouth areas

Steam Carpet Cleaning Southampton
Carpet Cleaning
A common mistake is thinking 'all carpets are cleaned the same way'. Cleaning  carpets in Southampton areas depends on fibre type, carpet construction, soil levels and more. We offer a full range of cleaning methods depending on what we find in the survey, including; Hot Water Extraction (steam Cleaning), Low Moisture Cleaning and Dry carpet Cleaning. We discuss the best cleaning method with you which is safe for your carpet and compared to some services we clean and then rinse leaving your carpet neutralised, fresh and soft.
Upholstery Cleaning Southampton
Upholstery Cleaning
In today's modern market there are hundreds of different types of fabric, this is due to different make ups, such as 100% polyester or 60% viscose/10% cotton/30% polyester, as you would imagine these require different cleaning methods and techniques. We are fully trained to tackle cleaning upholstery in Southampton areas. Our customers really see the difference, and leather is all skilfully cleaned by hand promoting a gentle, yet thorough clean giving fabulous results!
Rug Cleaning Southampton
Rug Cleaning
Rugs of all shapes, sizes, and origins benefit greatly from the professional rug cleaning service we offer. For rug cleaning in Southampton areas look no further, we are trained to deal with hazards such as dye bleed, we complete tests prior to cleaning to eliminate these problems.  We only use cleaning solutions that are correct for the type of fibre be that polyester, wool, silk, viscose, polypropylene etc. We only use child, pet and environmentally-friendly chemicals making our process safe and sound. 
Mattress Cleaning Southampton
Mattress Cleaning
Relax in the knowledge that your mattresses is sanitised & protected from the major cause of all allergies with our 6 step Mattress cleaning service offering you quality and value!
carpet cleaners near me
Stain Removal
Our expert stain removal service can eliminate blemishes before they become permanent, we also offer carpet and fabric protector, flea and mite treatment as well as deodorizing service to help keep your furnishings looking there best and smelling fresh.
End of Tenancy Carpet Cleaning Southampton
End of Tenancy
Our end of tenancy carpet cleaning service in Southampton and Portsmouth areas can be used by tenants wanting to avoid losing their deposit as well as landlords who want to hand over their property's carpets in the best possible condition.

Why do our customers use us?
• We use only the latest and most advanced carpet cleaning system available: We invest in the latest machines and tools to get the best results for your Carpets and Upholstery. We can Hot Water Extract (Steam Cleaning), Dry Clean systems including Therma-dry and using micro-sponges, we also have a solvent cleaning machine for your delicate fabrics. This means on our survey we can advise the best method to get your carpets and soft furnishings looking their best again.
• Experienced and Professionally trained: All our work is backed up by professional training by market leading professionals at PROCHEM including advanced stain removal. 
• Approved by Trading Standards.
• Environmentally Friendly: We leave your carpets and soft furnishings safe for Children and Pets and is excellent for sufferers of Asthma and Allergens.
• Full Range of Services: We offer protection for your home with our Allergy Shield products. We are also fully licenced to carry out de-infestations on all textiles in your home.

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Professional Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning blog in the Southampton, Portsmouth, Fareham and Eastleigh areas

By Richard Lee-Costello 11 May, 2017

Hi, as a hay fever sufferer myself, I know what a pain allergies are,  they can be the bane of any adult’s or child’s home life. With constant sneezing,itchy, watery eyes, and a runny, itchy nose are the usual symptoms of allergies and the most common causes of allergies are pollen, dust mites and other allergens like dander, which is flakes from our pet’s skin and fur. Compared to a wood floor where allergens are free to just float around, carpets in our home offer a great filter and trap to hold those allergy causes, as with any filter they need cleaning.

Most people consider cleaning their carpets when they look bad and dirty. This is a bad habit and most microbes, micro particles and pollutants lodged in the carpet are not visible to naked eye. Poorly maintained and neglected carpets significantly deteriorate the air quality, to keep on top of this it is recommended that you get your carpets cleaned at least every twelve to eighteen months ( ).

So how can we clean our carpets and avoid aggravating our allergies?

DIY vacuum carpet cleaning

Although we can try to use a broom to sweep away dirt and dust, sweeping has a tendency to just disturb and stir them up. Vacuuming can remove most of the dust and dirt but we have to be careful that the vacuum cleaner does not inadvertently discharge the same allergens it sucks up. It is recommended that the carpet be vacuumed every week and the vacuum cleaner should have a small-particle or HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. The vacuum cleaner’s bags should also be of a special, double thickness. It is also more effective to shampoo the carpet but this is a method that should be done only by professionals to keep your carpet over wetting which may cause mould growth.

Professional hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is a professional carpet cleaning service in which the carpet is pre-sprayed to disperse the dust and soil that has been ingrained into the carpet’s fibres. Your carpet is then treated with a fibre rinse which leaves no residues and hot water which are driven into the carpet at a high pressure, and at the same time, a powerful vacuum sucks up the hot water together with all the released dust, mud and allergens. For more info about this process click here

For most allergy sufferers though, even the task of vacuuming their carpet exacerbates their allergies. But, not to worry, we at Clean-my Carpets and Upholstery can help. We provide professional carpet cleaning, deodorising and carpet stains removal services. Call us today on 01489 600571 for a fresher carpet and a healthier home.

Clean-my carpets and upholstery also offers an allergy protection service for your whole home in the Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham, Portsmouth areas inc. carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning , curtain cleaning , mattress cleaning . All our protective treatments are confirmed for their suitability for home textiles and have no irritation to skin or any other side effects, RCC Research & Consulting Co p.Nos. 618783 278875

By Richard Lee-Costello 22 Apr, 2017

We clean rugs and area carpets in Southampton and Portsmouth and all surrounding areas, whilst rugs have practical uses such as reducing echoes, adding warmth to the room and adding comfort, they can also be considered works of art used to decorate your home. It is important to keep your rug as clean as possible to keep it looking it’s best and reducing the chances of damage, Clean-my Carpets and Upholstery have came up with some great tips to keep your rug looking great:

Here’s what you can do to care for your precious rugs.

  • Precisely follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care for the rug .
  • Frequently vacuum the rug. Go over the entire surface, the back, and the floor beneath it. Use a low setting so that the rug won’t be unnecessarily pulled and the fringes won’t get caught.
  • To ensure that all grime and dust are removed, you can bring the rug outdoors and shake off the dirt.
  •  Avoid using commercial cleaning solutions and chemicals, especially strong ones.
  • Get professional carpet and rug cleaners to regularly give your rug a deep clean, using the correct cleaning method for your particular rug.
  •  Although rugs generally do not fade easily, continual exposure to strong sunlight can weaken the quality and colour of your rug over time. Keep them away from direct sunlight or use coverings on your windows like drapes or blinds.
  •  The rug will eventually show some wear so turn your rug every few months to make the wear patterns equal on all sides.
  •  Straighten out folds, curls or ripples as these can cause premature wear.
  • Rug pads or cushions are recommended to protect the rug from the floor. They also make the rug feel more comfortable and help prevent the rug from slipping and sliding.
  •  When storing the rug, wrap it with protective plastic, keep it in a clean, dry area and away from the floor.
  • Treating stains, any method you use to remove stains depends on the type of stain. Pre-test the cleaning solution first on an inconspicuous area of the rug. If you want to avoid risking your rug, it would be better to consult professional cleaners immediately after accidents or spills.
  •  Faithfully follow these tips and your beautiful rug will stand the test of time.

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